Recently, I have been arranging and producing music for a couple different up-and-coming artists, as well as writing for my first full length album. I am not currently touring nor plan to in the near future but rather, I'm focused on expanding the roster of artists I'm currently working with.



As a composer, I write original music in a variety of styles, both for myself and for others. This can include scoring for videos, music for specific events or people, or even simple songs.




As an arranger, I work with other peoples' previously composed music. This can be songs, melodies, or even fully scored pieces. I can then do as little as transcribe the music on paper or as much as write out entire parts for ensembles up to the size of an orchestra.



As a producer, I work in the studio as a translator between the audio engineers, musicians, and artists to keep everyone on the same page. It is my job to see the big picture and bring it all together to achieve a single, united vision.




On top of everything else, I am an indie musical artist with music out on Spotify, Amazon, and other distribution sites.